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Thank you all for registering for the Whispir DevPost challenge. We need a couple more days to validate one or two entrants plus we have had a request for two late submissions which had issues with our registration process. We are allowing these and hence will make our judging public in three days.



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Public voting is now open

The public voting period for Whispir: Make Your App Talk has begun. Our finalists are listed in the Submission Gallery so it's time to vote for your favorites!

If you’ve entered a submission, be sure to spread the word through your social networks.


The Whispir: Make Your App Talk team

almost 8 years ago

App submissions are now closed!


Thanks to everyone for taking the time to submit your applications.

Our panel of judges will be going through your submissions over the next week, so stay tuned for updates.

For those of you that just missed out, send us an email at and we'll determine your eligibility for a late submission.

We'll open the voting for the People's Choice Award of US$500 tomorrow.

Best of luck to all of you.


almost 8 years ago

Only two weeks to go!

Hey Team,

Only two weeks to go!

Time to start submitting your apps. OCTOBER 25 is the deadline. We can't wait to see what you've built!

If you need a hand or any assistance, feel free to post a question to the discussion forum or send us an email

Best of luck.


about 8 years ago

Live Q&A for the next hour

Hey team,

Whispir's Technical Evangelist, Sanjeev Mandalapu, will be taking any technical questions regarding the building of your app, for the next hour.

Tweet him @msanj2ev or post your question to the Discussion forum.

Good luck!

- Whispir



about 8 years ago

Contest extension

Hi everyone, we've been really excited by the discussions we've been having with all of you and are eagerly looking forward to seeing what you build with Whispir. As this is our first hackathon with Devpost, we want to make it a great one so we thought you would all benefit with just a little more time to build & submit your apps.

So we've extended the Whispir:Make your App Talk contest by one month.  Your new submission date is 5:00pm on Sunday October 25th, 2015.

No other changes, everything just shifts forward a month.  We will use this extra time…

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Join me for a live Q&A hour

Hello everyone,

I'm Sanjeev, the technology evangelist for the Whispir API at Whispir.

We're going to run a live Q&A session everyday the whole of next week. We will be accepting questions in twitter and on the discussions page. We will do our best to answer as many as possible.

Feel free to ask about the API end points, the platform, the best practices, the dirty hacks... just about anything that can help you with your code.

Please post your questions to the discussion forum at or at twitter handles - @whispir and @msanj2ev (that's me).




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about 8 years ago

Whispir Webinar - Ideas for your hack

Hey team,

Need some ideas and inspiration for your hack?

Check out Jordan's short webinar video that explains the Whispir API and provides multiple real-life examples of how businesses use Whispir today.

Only 10 minutes long. And contact us anytime via the forum or if you have any questions. Enjoy!


Whispir Hackathon Webinar from Whispir on Vimeo.

Give your application a voice with Whispir, and deliver a more effective solution for 'last mile communications' and you could win your share of $10,000. Make your app talk, today.


about 8 years ago

Support contact details

Hey Guys,

Don't forget, if you have any questions regarding the Whispir API or competition, post your query on the 'Discussions' page at and we'll respond asap.

No need to contact us via because we have specialist support staff ready to provide answers sent through

Thanks and good luck!


about 8 years ago

More free text messages and voice calls

Hey team,

Great news! 

We've received some feedback that many of you are churning through your free quota of messaging whilst testing your apps. Soooo, we've increased your free messaging quota.

ALL Whispir Hackathon participants now have an extra:

  • 200 x text messages
  • 50 x voice calls

So, keep building & testing, and drop us a line if you need a hand -

ps. look out for the pre-recorded webinar coming soon to give you more ideas about what you can build. $10,000 in prizes, don't forget!

about 8 years ago

Improved Sign-up Procedure

Hey guys,

We’ve improved the sign-up procedure to make it faster to register for your API.

Previously, selecting your country within the mobile field on the sign-up form could take some time to resolve, but we’ve updated this code so you can immediately select your country code and enter your mobile number into the field, without waiting.

Sign-up takes less than 30 seconds.

So, register today for your Whispir API and make your app talk!


about 8 years ago

Only 30 Days to go!

Hey Guys,

Only 30 days to go!

Did you manage to register for your free access to the Whispir API? If not, register here or contact us and we’ll get you started right away.

And if you have registered for your API, IGNORE THE AUTOMATED EMAILS indicating that your free trial is about to end. It’s not.

For the purpose of the competition, we reset all the API licences so you have plenty of time to use Whispir.

And get ready for some upcoming webinars next week to give you some product examples and deeper insight into the API.

Feedback? Hit us. We’d…

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