In today’s hyper-connected world, we are swamped by inbound communications, many of which are irrelevant for our personal or professional lives. As a result, effective communication is more important today than at any time.

Whispir is the SaaS based conversation platform that allows your apps to communicate with people where, when and how they want you to.

Our cloud services and APIs let you build your own cross-channel communication flows that are engaging, automated and effortless. 

From aviation, banking, mining, logistics, and media organizations, to emergency services & government departments, Whispir communications technology delivers the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Built by developers, for developers, the Whispir platform sends & receives secure communications across web, SMS, email, voice, mobile apps, social media, and rich messages.

Our challenge for you is simple.  For our first contest in a series of global developer events, we want you to blow the minds of our international judges with innovative ways to utilize this powerful communication service with your application. Just to get you started, we currently have airlines using the Whispir API for emergency communications & maintenance scheduling, mining companies use the platform to check on remote worker safety and postal corporations use Whispir for their 'last mile communication' to ensure timely delivery...but we'd love to see what you build. And so would our customers!

As for our judging panel, we've rounded up senior resources from Google, VMWare, AWS, IBM, and Whispir to rate your app and give a true global perspective on your ideas.

Need inspiration? Check out our Features & Capabilities or current Industry Examples.

And we've got some fantastic demos that showcase our product.

Browse our official Knowledge base on and utilize our resource center for:



  • Individuals, and teams of individuals, who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry.
  • Organizations that, at the time of entry, have been duly organized or incorporated and validly exist.
  • The competition will welcome submitters from around the globe, however individuals or organizations may be disqualified if they are based in a nation, state, province, or territory where U.S. or local law prohibits participating in the competition or receiving a prize. This includes individuals, who are residents of, and organizations domiciled in Brazil, Quebec, and Italy, and Cuba, Sudan, Iran, North Korea, Syria and any other country designated by the United States Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  • Whispir employees cannot enter.



  • All submissions must include a demonstration video of their app.
  • Must include a software component such as: a native Android or iOS app - running on a smartphone, tablet, or wearable OR a web app (mobile or desktop).
  • Be a new or existing solution. [If existing, submitters must integrate Whispir for the first time during the submission period].
  • Must function as depicted in the submitted video.
  • Full written description of your app features, data set, configuration, and installation.
  • Be in English [or provide an English translation for all submission materials and English support for the submitted application].
  • Be substantially different from any other app submitted by the same submitter/team/organization.
  • Be the original work of the submitter, be solely owned by the submitter, and not violate the IP rights of any other person or entity.
  • Be provided at no charge for the testing and judging periods.
  • Can integrate other APIs, SDKs, and datasets as long as the developer is authorized to use them.
  • Must use Whispir's API in accordance with official Terms of Service and Acceptable Use.

For inspiration, check out our Features & Capabilities section on our website.

Hackathon Sponsors


$10,000 in prizes

First Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize


People's Choice Award

USD$500 goes to the People's Choice Award as voted by your peers.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

1. Get your free Whispir Developer license.

2. Build an app for Whispir that addresses one or all key market segments of Business Resilience, Operational Communications, and/or Customer Engagement.

3. Create your demo video.

4. Submit your entry via Challenge Post and WIN!

5. Share your app with friends and colleagues and spread the word.

NOTE: The API key download web page states a '30 day free trial...'. We've extended the API key trial period beyond 30 days so it's set for the duration of the competition and judging period. Disregard any automated emails you may receive about 'trial expiry...' - you have plenty of time. Good luck!


Jordan Walsh

Jordan Walsh
Product Manager & Business Analyst - Whispir

Anthony Russell

Anthony Russell

Sanjeev Mandalapu

Sanjeev Mandalapu
Technology EVvngalist

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Surprise and delight us with your unique and innovative approach to communications integration into your app.
  • Technical Implementation
    Show us your tech finesse! Impress the judges with your ease of app integration and adherence to & comprehension of the guidelines.
  • Teacher's Pet
    Sure, we know integrating communications into your app is all about practicality, but why can't this baby look beautiful! Gorgeous design and sublime code won't go unnoticed. Show us why you were Teacher's Pet at school.
  • 3rd Party SaaS Integration
    Most SaaS communications solutions utilize their web apps to contact users (usually by email) when communicating critical messages. Using Whispir, show us how you build cross-channel communications into your app to perfect 'last mile communications'.
  • Coolness Factor
    Make us want to show EVERYONE just how cool your app is. Clever & valuable - hit us with real wow-factor!
  • Extra Credit
    Go the extra mile. Explain to us how your app addresses the needs of either (or all) of Whispir's core market segments of Business Resilience, Operational Communications, and Customer Engagement.

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